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The Technology of Decentralization:

How and Why to Use Neutral Standards to Build the Encyclosphere and Other Decentralized Networks

What is the encyclosphere ?

Imagine all the encyclopedias in the world, connected into one decentralized network, the way all the blogs are loosely connected. You’ve heard of the blogosphere; now, we’re building an encyclosphere.

“No small group of elites deserves the power to declare what is known for all of us.”

Dr. Larry Sanger

What is the Knowledge Standards Foundation?

A global group of volunteers creating the standards and tools for the future encyclosphere. We’re making a network, not an app.

How can you help ?

We need developers, designers, writers, editors, thinkers, marketers, promoters and fundraisers—if you can imagine a role being useful to kick-starting a network, we need that. Join us by coding, chatting on Slack, blogging, and more.