The liberating effects of data formatting standards

We at the Knowledge Standards Foundation speak about an “encyclopedia network” and about “standards” for the entire network architecture. And it probably is a good idea to be thinking about that. But, having explored a number of different attempts to decentralize social media, I have come around to a simple view about what we really […]

Guest post: How loudspeaker propaganda conducted by South Korea against North Korea works

People usually think all that the loudspeakers play are k-pop songs and downright propaganda. If you look more into it, the loudspeakers are a carefully crafted psychological warfare. The initial announcements start with weather reports. Accurate weather reports that the NK neither has the manpower nor the computing power to gather and spread along the […]

The Encyclosphere: A Technical Proposal

In this post, I want to break down the basic technology of the Encyclosphere—but bear in mind this is more of a proposal for review than a finished concept. Bear also in mind that “Introducing the Encyclosphere” is a better source for general reflections about the Encyclosphere and how the Knowledge Standards Foundation will help […]

Guest post: Initial thoughts on process, requirements, and architecture

Overview: I suggest we start with Mediawiki as a base to avoid reimplementing the wheel, that our major change is to add federation and some thoughts on major styles for doing that, a couple initial thoughts on how the “ratings” / editorial system might work, and then a miscellaneous grab bag of some other thoughts […]

Let’s have your feedback on this here site

Folks, please give us general feedback to this site. A lot will be fixed and there are many issues already being tracked, but more general reflections on this site, that aren’t (necessarily, just) “issues” would be most welcome. Thanks in advance! Of course, if you do have bugs/fix requests to report, won’t you please submit […]

Introducing the encyclosphere project

Executive Summary After ten years of domination by big social media—which might finally be in decline—we are tired of giant Silicon Valley corporations using us contemptuously. We still remember an Internet in which we charted our own destiny. The encyclosphere will be the universal network of encyclopedias—an ownerless, leaderless, centerless knowledge commons. Like the blogosphere, […]